IMPORTANT ReaperMCs Future
Hello players of ReaperMC. It has come to my attention that I haven't give anyone updates or any kind of information regarding ReaperMC. I am still the owner, and I still intend to open it in the near future. Everything will be changing including the plugins, staff team, etc. I urge you to join the discord for future updates.

Sorry for the confusion.
As you all may know, the server is down, and we have no way of reopening it until the host fixes their issue. There will be compensation, sorry for the unexpected downtime.

Due to the previous events involving another owner, several of our plugins were deleted and heavily messed with. These plugins include shop, enchants, tags, obsidianbreaker, and a few more that have cause the server to have several issues.

For this reason, we will be whitelisting at 4pm on Saturday, August 5th, and unwhitelisting on Sunday, August 6th to fix these issues.

After the whitelist,
Obsidian will not be scatterable.
Bedrock will not be breakable.
You will be able to purchase clay, glass and spawners on /shop.
Spawner values will be displayed correctly on /f top.
Tags will work 100% correctly.
CreeperEggs will work in all worlds (obsidianbreaker is preventing it somehow).

Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause, and please expect compensation for this unplanned occurrence.

-The ReaperMC Staff Team

If you can think of anything else that needs to be fixed before the map ends, please feel free to reply to this thread.
Are you excited for opening?

As you all may know, we are opening season two on the 22nd of July at 2pm EST. TnT and Creeper Eggs will be disabled for one week, meaning they enable on the 29th of July at 2pm EST.

Here are a few events we will be having during this season.

August 5th: Raid Event (Between the top 4 factions on /ftop)
August 12th: PvP Event (48 people will be able to apply)

Further information regarding these events will be posted according to the dates provided.

There are 101 total enchants.

Aquatic - Gives permanent water breathing. (Helmet)
AutoSmelt - Ores are automatically smelted when mined. (Tool)
Confusion - A chance to deal nausea to your opponent. (Axe)
Decapitation - Victims have a chance of dropping their head on death. (Axe)
Epicness - Gives particles and sound effects. (Weapon)
Brightness - Gives permanent night vision. (Helmet)
Haste - Allows you to swing your tools faster. (Pickaxe)
Headless - Victims have a chance of dropping their head on death. (Sword)
Arrow Regeneration - Heals players hit by the arrow. (Bow)
Zombie - Gives slowness, slow swinging, and confusion to your opponent. (Sword)
Lightning - A chance to strike lightning where you strike. (Bow)
Oxygenate - Refills oxygen levels when breaking blocks underwater. (Armor)
Deep Blow - Can cause smite effect on your enemy. (Sword)

Berserk - A chance of strength and mining fatigue. (Axe)
Commander - Nearby allies are given haste. (Chestplate)
Curse - Change to cause mining fatigue. (Chestplate)
GapingWounds - Increases the chance of the bleed effect. (Sword)
EnderShift - Gives a speed/health boost at low hp. (Helmet)
Experience - Gives you more exp when mining blocks. (Pickaxe)
Explosive Arrows - Explosive arrows. (Bow)
Featherweight - A chance to give a burst of haste. (Sword)
Lifebloom - In your last moments, you refill all nearby allies' health completely. (Armor)
Molten - Chance to light your opponent. (Armor)
Obsidian Destroyer - Chance to instantly break obsidian blocks (Pickaxe)
Ragdoll - Whenever you take damage, you are pushed further back. (Armor)
Ferocious - A chance to regain hunger. (Axe)
Reforged - Protects tool durability, items will take longer to break. (Sword)
SelfDestruct - When close to death, buffed TNT spawns around you. (Armor)

Anti Gravity - Super jump but does not negate fall damage. (Boots)
Unsighted - Chance of causing blindness when attacking. (Sword)
Prickle - Acts like thorns, but doesn't affect durability. (Armor)
Evade - Chance to dodge physical enemy attacks, increased chance if sneaking. (Armor)
Assassinate - Damage buff when your enemy has low hp. (Sword)
Chilled - Can cause slowness when attacked. (Armor)
Requisition - Chance to convert summoned enemy Guardians into your own when they are shot with an arrow. (Bow)
IceAspect - Chance of causing the slowness effect on your opponent. (Weapon)
IceFreeze - A chance to freeze your opponent in place. (Sword)
Implants - Regenerates health and hunger. (Helmet)
Demonic - Explosive fire effect. (Bow)
Metaphysical - A chance to resist the slowness given by enemy enchantments. (Armor)
Nimble - Increases mcMMO xp gained in Acrobatics whiled equiped. (Boots)
Sustenance - 1-2x normal hunger replenishment. (Armor)
Paralyze - Smites enemy, and has a chance to effect slowness, and slow swinging. (Weapon)
Infection - Poisons your enemy. (Weapon)
Infected - Chance to give poison to your attacker. (Weapon)
Thrash - Chance to slow down nearby enemy players for a short period of time. (Axe)
RocketEscape - Blast off into the air at low hp. (Boots)
Push Back - Chance to push back your attacker. (Armor)
Skilling - Increases mcMMO xp gained in all gathering skills while equipped. (Tool)
Skill Swipe - A chance to steal some of your enemy's exp every time you damage them. (Weapon)
Smoke Bomb - Has a chance to blind your attacker. (Helmet)
Entrapment - Chance to slow and fatigue enemies with projectiles. (Bow)
Spirit Link - Heals nearby faction/ally members upon damage. (Armor)
Springs - Gives additional jump boost. (Boots)
Stormcaller - Chance to smite your opponent. (Armor)
Clairvoyance - Automatically places blocks broken by tools in your inventory. (Tool)
Cultivation - Increases mcMMO xp gained in all combat skills while equipped. (Weapon)
Ambuscade - Chance to give buffed slowness effect to your opponent. (Sword)
Deceiver - When hit, you have a chance to teleport directly behind your opponent and take them by surprise. (Armor)
Undead Ruse - When hit, you have a chance to spawn zombie hordes to distract and disorient your opponent(s). (Boots)
Gallantry - Gives damage resistance when low on hp. (Armor)
Acidity - A chance of dealing poison. (Sword)
Conjuring - Has a chance to deal weakness. (Armor)
Wither - A chance to give the wither effect to your opponent. (Armor)

Radiant - Heals health over time whenever damaged. This enchantment is stackable. (Armor)
Bulletproof - Decreases damage from enemy swords by 1.85% per level. This enchantment is stackable. (Armor)
Arrow Immunity - Prevents you from being damaged by enemy arrows more often than once. Every level x 200 milliseconds. (Armor)
Arrow Lifesteal - A chance to steal health from your opponent while fighting. (Bow)
Extort - Applies bleed stacks to enemies that decrease their movement speed. Use in combination with Ravage. (Axe)
Glorified - Chance of removing debuffs. (Axe)
Protect - A chance to increase damage and redirect an attack. (Sword)
Plow - Damages players within a radius that increases with the level of enchantment. (Axe)
Burst - Summons up to a 3x3x3 explosion around any blocks you break. (Pickaxe)
Ender Walker - Wither and poison do not injure and you have a chance to heal at high levels. (Boots)
Incense - The lower your hp is, the more damage you deal. (Weapon)
Farcast - Chance to knockback melee attackers by a couple blocks when they hit you. The lower your health, the higher the chance to knock. (Bow)
Cerberus - Chance to spawn iron golems to assist you and watch over you. (Armor)
Steeled - Armor takes less durability damage. (Armor)
Substantial - Decreases damage from bows by 2% per level, and is stackable. (Armor)
Longshot - Greatly increases damage dealt to enemy players that have a bow in their hands. (Bow)
Lucky - You will find yourself more lucky in all server situations. (Armor)
FireResistance - Gives permanent fire resistance. (Armor)
Reflect - Increases hp of your npc if you get combat logged by 15% per level. (Helmet)
Chain - Prevents mobs spawned from mob spawners from suffering from knockback from your attacks. (Weapon)
Tank - Decreases damage by enemy axes by 1.85% per level. This enchantment is stackable. (Armor)
Unfocus - Chance to unfocus target player, reducing their outgoing bow damage by 50% for up to 10 seconds. (Bow)

Disintegrate - Chance to deal double durability damage to all enemy armor with every attack. (Sword)
Juggernaut - Gains 2x the Overload level of extra hearts. (Level 1 = 2 extra hearts.) (Armor)
Tipsy - Gives strength and slowness based on enchantment level. (Helmet)
Lucidity - Immune to blindness up to level of clarity enchantment. (Helmet)
Embued - Can heal harts while taking damage. (Armor)
Inversion - Damage dealt to you has a chance to be blocked and heal you for 1-4 hp instead. (Sword)
Primitive - Inflicts more axe damage. (Axe)
Headshot - Headshots with projectile items deal up to 3.5x damage. (Bow)
Inquisitive - Increases exp drops from mobs. (Sword)
Animosity - For every combo hit you land, your damage is multiplied by 1.1x (Weapon)
Speed - Added speed when equipped. (Boots)
Double Strike - A chance to strike twice. (Sword)
Blood Transfusion - A chance to heal you for 1-2hp whenever your Guardians take damage. (Armor)
Rapier - Multiplies damage against players who are wielding a bow at the time they are hit. (Sword)
Grinder - Kills an additional 2-3 nearby mobs. (Sword)
We are in current need of staff for our second season of ReaperMC.

More details for the upcoming season will be posted soon!

Current Staff:

Owner: Asursion, SpookieGhost.
Manager: Pingehh.
Admin: Jakester.
Mod: Tygher, Awesime12.
Helper: IllegalCombos, 204k, YourVaginaSmells,
Trial-Helper: None

We are looking for at least 5 more staff members who were active last map and show some promise.
Apply here.

As you all may know, we went ahead and ended the map today 7/15/17 at 8pm EST. We decided this because f top was basically decided, and people are impatient for next map. This gives us enough time to fix all the bugs, and add a few new plugins. We will be reopening ReaperMC on the 22nd of July at 2pm EST.


Thank you all for a good map and remember, bans reset next map so here is your second chance!

Big thanks to our staff team for this awesome season!

@Awesime12 (you need to make an account)

Can't wait to see you guys next map!

Ps: If you have any suggestions for next map, feel free to post them under this thread!

Hello and welcome back to ReaperMC's forum. I am here today to show you what has been done with the server since I have taken over. Here are the changes that have occurred since I have taken ownership.


5x5 Shockwaves were improved. (Infusion II)

Horizontal genbuckets were added.
Obsidian + stone versions (16 blocks long, 32 blocks long, and 64 blocks long.)
Only purchasable on /shop.

Bossmobs were introduced
Tier I - Tier V.

Outpost was re-added
The faction that caps it gets access to a x2 sell room until they lose control.

Obsidian scaffolding was introduced.
Generates obsidian upwards until stopped by a block or skylimit.

An auto-broadcast system was implemented.

Ranks now come as vouchers in crates.

Tags have been edited to replicate those being sold on the store.

Ranks now have a new look in chat.

Scoreboard was heavily condensed.

Crates were 100% redone, buffed, and cleaned up.

4 Enhanced Creeper Eggs were added.
Enhanced creepers are just super-charged creepers. Esier to blow up cannons, raid spawners, etc.
Scatter creepers spawn 5+ TnT and basically scatter the area. EASY to blow up cannons!
Nuke creepers basically blow up a 15x15 hole and just nuke the area surrounding it.

Sell-wand was buffed and now sells more items!

Custom mob drops:
ZombiePigman - GoldIngots, small chance of GoldBlocks.
IronGolems - IronIngots
Creepers - TnT
Villagers - Diamond/Emerald

Want a more in-depth experience of what we have added so far? Check out this video: