Due to the map and economy being completely screwed up, we will be resetting. The server will close on the 10th, and open 2 weeks later on the 24th, giving us enough time to have a beta map, test bugs, and transfer anything we need to. We will have a $1,000 f top next map. Sadly, due to all the abuse that happened in the previous map, we will not be willing to pay out this map. We may however, payout with buycraft instead of paypal, meaning 1st place gets 600$ buycraft, 2nd gets 300$, and 3rd gets 100$. This is a MAYBE.

Next map most bugs will be fixed and we will not have any abusive staff, or have anything/anyone that will ruin the economy and the community.

I thank you guys for being with me, and I would appreciate it if you all came back next reset as well. Thank you for your time on here this reset, and may the force be with us :).