IMPORTANT List of Custom Enchants. Season 2.0

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    There are 101 total enchants.

    Aquatic - Gives permanent water breathing. (Helmet)
    AutoSmelt - Ores are automatically smelted when mined. (Tool)
    Confusion - A chance to deal nausea to your opponent. (Axe)
    Decapitation - Victims have a chance of dropping their head on death. (Axe)
    Epicness - Gives particles and sound effects. (Weapon)
    Brightness - Gives permanent night vision. (Helmet)
    Haste - Allows you to swing your tools faster. (Pickaxe)
    Headless - Victims have a chance of dropping their head on death. (Sword)
    Arrow Regeneration - Heals players hit by the arrow. (Bow)
    Zombie - Gives slowness, slow swinging, and confusion to your opponent. (Sword)
    Lightning - A chance to strike lightning where you strike. (Bow)
    Oxygenate - Refills oxygen levels when breaking blocks underwater. (Armor)
    Deep Blow - Can cause smite effect on your enemy. (Sword)

    Berserk - A chance of strength and mining fatigue. (Axe)
    Commander - Nearby allies are given haste. (Chestplate)
    Curse - Change to cause mining fatigue. (Chestplate)
    GapingWounds - Increases the chance of the bleed effect. (Sword)
    EnderShift - Gives a speed/health boost at low hp. (Helmet)
    Experience - Gives you more exp when mining blocks. (Pickaxe)
    Explosive Arrows - Explosive arrows. (Bow)
    Featherweight - A chance to give a burst of haste. (Sword)
    Lifebloom - In your last moments, you refill all nearby allies' health completely. (Armor)
    Molten - Chance to light your opponent. (Armor)
    Obsidian Destroyer - Chance to instantly break obsidian blocks (Pickaxe)
    Ragdoll - Whenever you take damage, you are pushed further back. (Armor)
    Ferocious - A chance to regain hunger. (Axe)
    Reforged - Protects tool durability, items will take longer to break. (Sword)
    SelfDestruct - When close to death, buffed TNT spawns around you. (Armor)

    Anti Gravity - Super jump but does not negate fall damage. (Boots)
    Unsighted - Chance of causing blindness when attacking. (Sword)
    Prickle - Acts like thorns, but doesn't affect durability. (Armor)
    Evade - Chance to dodge physical enemy attacks, increased chance if sneaking. (Armor)
    Assassinate - Damage buff when your enemy has low hp. (Sword)
    Chilled - Can cause slowness when attacked. (Armor)
    Requisition - Chance to convert summoned enemy Guardians into your own when they are shot with an arrow. (Bow)
    IceAspect - Chance of causing the slowness effect on your opponent. (Weapon)
    IceFreeze - A chance to freeze your opponent in place. (Sword)
    Implants - Regenerates health and hunger. (Helmet)
    Demonic - Explosive fire effect. (Bow)
    Metaphysical - A chance to resist the slowness given by enemy enchantments. (Armor)
    Nimble - Increases mcMMO xp gained in Acrobatics whiled equiped. (Boots)
    Sustenance - 1-2x normal hunger replenishment. (Armor)
    Paralyze - Smites enemy, and has a chance to effect slowness, and slow swinging. (Weapon)
    Infection - Poisons your enemy. (Weapon)
    Infected - Chance to give poison to your attacker. (Weapon)
    Thrash - Chance to slow down nearby enemy players for a short period of time. (Axe)
    RocketEscape - Blast off into the air at low hp. (Boots)
    Push Back - Chance to push back your attacker. (Armor)
    Skilling - Increases mcMMO xp gained in all gathering skills while equipped. (Tool)
    Skill Swipe - A chance to steal some of your enemy's exp every time you damage them. (Weapon)
    Smoke Bomb - Has a chance to blind your attacker. (Helmet)
    Entrapment - Chance to slow and fatigue enemies with projectiles. (Bow)
    Spirit Link - Heals nearby faction/ally members upon damage. (Armor)
    Springs - Gives additional jump boost. (Boots)
    Stormcaller - Chance to smite your opponent. (Armor)
    Clairvoyance - Automatically places blocks broken by tools in your inventory. (Tool)
    Cultivation - Increases mcMMO xp gained in all combat skills while equipped. (Weapon)
    Ambuscade - Chance to give buffed slowness effect to your opponent. (Sword)
    Deceiver - When hit, you have a chance to teleport directly behind your opponent and take them by surprise. (Armor)
    Undead Ruse - When hit, you have a chance to spawn zombie hordes to distract and disorient your opponent(s). (Boots)
    Gallantry - Gives damage resistance when low on hp. (Armor)
    Acidity - A chance of dealing poison. (Sword)
    Conjuring - Has a chance to deal weakness. (Armor)
    Wither - A chance to give the wither effect to your opponent. (Armor)

    Radiant - Heals health over time whenever damaged. This enchantment is stackable. (Armor)
    Bulletproof - Decreases damage from enemy swords by 1.85% per level. This enchantment is stackable. (Armor)
    Arrow Immunity - Prevents you from being damaged by enemy arrows more often than once. Every level x 200 milliseconds. (Armor)
    Arrow Lifesteal - A chance to steal health from your opponent while fighting. (Bow)
    Extort - Applies bleed stacks to enemies that decrease their movement speed. Use in combination with Ravage. (Axe)
    Glorified - Chance of removing debuffs. (Axe)
    Protect - A chance to increase damage and redirect an attack. (Sword)
    Plow - Damages players within a radius that increases with the level of enchantment. (Axe)
    Burst - Summons up to a 3x3x3 explosion around any blocks you break. (Pickaxe)
    Ender Walker - Wither and poison do not injure and you have a chance to heal at high levels. (Boots)
    Incense - The lower your hp is, the more damage you deal. (Weapon)
    Farcast - Chance to knockback melee attackers by a couple blocks when they hit you. The lower your health, the higher the chance to knock. (Bow)
    Cerberus - Chance to spawn iron golems to assist you and watch over you. (Armor)
    Steeled - Armor takes less durability damage. (Armor)
    Substantial - Decreases damage from bows by 2% per level, and is stackable. (Armor)
    Longshot - Greatly increases damage dealt to enemy players that have a bow in their hands. (Bow)
    Lucky - You will find yourself more lucky in all server situations. (Armor)
    FireResistance - Gives permanent fire resistance. (Armor)
    Reflect - Increases hp of your npc if you get combat logged by 15% per level. (Helmet)
    Chain - Prevents mobs spawned from mob spawners from suffering from knockback from your attacks. (Weapon)
    Tank - Decreases damage by enemy axes by 1.85% per level. This enchantment is stackable. (Armor)
    Unfocus - Chance to unfocus target player, reducing their outgoing bow damage by 50% for up to 10 seconds. (Bow)

    Disintegrate - Chance to deal double durability damage to all enemy armor with every attack. (Sword)
    Juggernaut - Gains 2x the Overload level of extra hearts. (Level 1 = 2 extra hearts.) (Armor)
    Tipsy - Gives strength and slowness based on enchantment level. (Helmet)
    Lucidity - Immune to blindness up to level of clarity enchantment. (Helmet)
    Embued - Can heal harts while taking damage. (Armor)
    Inversion - Damage dealt to you has a chance to be blocked and heal you for 1-4 hp instead. (Sword)
    Primitive - Inflicts more axe damage. (Axe)
    Headshot - Headshots with projectile items deal up to 3.5x damage. (Bow)
    Inquisitive - Increases exp drops from mobs. (Sword)
    Animosity - For every combo hit you land, your damage is multiplied by 1.1x (Weapon)
    Speed - Added speed when equipped. (Boots)
    Double Strike - A chance to strike twice. (Sword)
    Blood Transfusion - A chance to heal you for 1-2hp whenever your Guardians take damage. (Armor)
    Rapier - Multiplies damage against players who are wielding a bow at the time they are hit. (Sword)
    Grinder - Kills an additional 2-3 nearby mobs. (Sword)
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